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What is the Village Movement?

The “Village Movement”, sometimes referred to as the first movement of the 21st century, is a creative, consumer response to a public that is aging rapidly but wishes to do so differently than the prior generation.  Better educated, connected to the community, and active in political and cultural affairs, current aging citizens prefer to take responsibility for their lives while staying engaged in their communities.  They demand choices and options for living well that may not follow the traditional model of retirement communities or living with children.  They want to know and understand other options for caring for themselves within the limits of their financial capabilities and expected health challenges.  They prefer to remain in their homes but continue to be active in their community with friends they have known and enjoyed.

In essence, they prefer to pro-actively plan for their years ahead, but understand they need educational and social resources they can depend upon.

As a result, nonprofits are forming that support this choice. This choice is called “village living.” Over 400 villages are already in existence or forming in the United States, each reflecting the interests and choices of their members and stakeholders.