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At Home Chesapeake Village

At Home Chesapeake is connected to the “Village Movement” sweeping our country – but with a unique approach.

Each of the over 400 villages already in existence in our country reflects the interests and choices of their members and stakeholders.  Aging individuals will continue to take responsibility for their lives while staying engaged in their communities.  These individuals are seeking others who “think” and want to “live” like themselves.  They are forming non-profits that reflect this choice.  This choice is called “village living.”

At Home Chesapeake’s choice is unique in its approach to navigating the inevitable physical and emotional changes we will experience. At Home Chesapeake works as a member-to-member group with each person participating for the good of the whole while taking responsibility for their own future.
A member organization whose mission is to educate its members on ways to age successfully in their communities and to provide member-to-member advocacy when needed.