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Welcome to the Anne Arundel County “Village”

At Home Chesapeake has created a “Village” in Anne Arundel County that educates and empowers its members to live and age well.

At Home Chesapeake helps individuals and families plan for "Aging in Community" so aging is more cost effective for its members and the community. It is a lifetime process and the member is in charge of his or her roadmap. The expectation is that he or she will continue to discover and include new directions for unforeseen eventualities or “bumps in the road”. Advocacy and personal education are hallmarks of At Home Chesapeake.

Interdependence means we need each other to thrive and survive in our homes and communities.

Upcoming AHC Events

AHC meets for coffee & discussion every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 10AM.  Meetings will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.  Email invitations will be sent to members 2-3 days prior to each meeting.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

***News You Can Use***

8/1/2020:  The League of  Women Voters Voters' Guide for the 2020 Elections can be found at  You can request an online or a printed version.  Information also available from
There is also a link to to the State Board of Elections to request an absentee ballot.
5/12/2018:  Learn everything you need to know about the new shingles vaccine and get yourself protected.  Click the link at the end of this list to find the CDC guidelines.
6/5/2018:  Learn about how to put together the "Big Book" of all your finances and possessions for your heirs.  Click below to get the link to advice from a Washington Post financial columnist.
8/13/2018:  Kaiser Health News publishes a column by Judith Graham called Navigating AgingClick below to find a link to all of her columns.  They are very informative.
2/2/2019:  More and more single seniors, especially women, are deciding to share housing, for many reasons.  Click below to find a link to the article.
10/6/2019:  Seniors need each other.  Co-housing and the Village Movement can help us help each other.  Click below to find the link to this article.
11/3/2019:  A new survey found that the fastest-rising long-term care cost is not for nursing homes but for in-home services.  Click below to find the link to this article.
11/11/2019:  For older people, surgery poses different risks and surgeons don't always explain those risks adequately.  Another in the Navigating Aging series by Judith Graham.  Click below to find the link to this article.
11/11/2019:  How to Choose an Assisted Living Community, what to ask, what to look for.  Click below to find the link to this article.  And while you're at it, consider subscribing to to get access to even more useful, unbiased consumer information of all kinds.  It's like Consumer Reports, only local (based on the D.C. metro area, but often applicable to our location).

Click here to find links to all above news items.

AHC is a member of Maryland Aging In Community, a Community of Practice (COP) for the leaders of Maryland Villages.

At Home Chesapeake is a registered 501 c(3) organization and a member of the national Village to Village Network

Upcoming Community Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events